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5 Ways AI Vocal Enhancer Improves Text to Speech Efficiency

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May 3, 2024 ||1 month ago

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Progressive technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have touched different aspects of work life to make it better. A decade ago it was not even real to think about instantly getting content, images, scripts, audio, etc. in just a single click. Today, it is possible in real-time to create quality content, audio, and graphics without much effort using AI generative tools.

‘Vocal Enhancer’ is a type of AI-powered tool that helps to remove noises/glitches and improves the quality of audio. Just upload an audio piece in the Vocal Enhancer and apply the enhancer effect to download crystal clear audio, free of extra noises. Such perfect audio can be used in presentations, reels, podcasts, videos, online tutorials, etc.

Besides Vocal Enhancers, ‘Text to Speech’ technology is also a part of the AI generative tool set and converts text into audio quite easily. If you have a long script to record, you can self-record using the text-to-speech feature and save on outsourcing the voice recording costs. This also eliminates the hassles of finding a perfect narrator for recording the content. The advantage lies in choosing different voices, such as male or female voices with various accents and tones. The pitch, speed and mood of the voice can be modulated to convey different emotions.

Here are the top 5 ways how vocal enhancers improve text-to-speech efficiency

  1. No Language Barrier: Vocal enhancers are flexible and versatile, not restricted to any specific audio language. For instance, an audio piece generated from the text-to-speech AI tool in Spanish or German can be improvised using the vocal enhancer without any limitations.

  2. Helping Special Audiences: Generating text-to-speech audio and adding clarity with the vocal enhancer can develop perfect audio for people with visual/reading disabilities. This can help in their understanding and learning concepts regularly.

  3. Adding Personalized/Customized Effect: Fine-tuning the voice pitch/tone or adding a customized celebrity voice effect can help brands communicate in a personalized way with their target audience. For instance, a cartoon character speaking for a kid’s energy drink brand can have a personalized voice in an exciting tone that appeals to the target.

  4. Productivity Improvement: Text to speech and vocal enhancers can be used freely a repeated number of times to generate a perfect audio. It is a speedy process and thus helps in productivity improvement with the quick generation of clear audio using AI. Text to speech and vocal enhancers when combined also save time and external resources that are otherwise manually involved in the recording and correction process of an audio.

  5. Brand Consistency: Text-to-speech generated audio, improvised using a vocal enhancer can generate a brand voice that can be used consistently across different channels. Building ads or promotional content for any platform using the same voice will make the brand instantly recognizable to the customers.

Finally, these AI rich tools - vocal enhancer and text to speech when brought together can generate high quality audio files that can be seamlessly used to create audiobooks, virtual assistants, gaming, social media, podcasting, and many other platforms.

KreaitorAI Audio Generative Tools

Text to Speech: Convert text into rich audio files adaptive with Mood Voice Generator. Generate audio in real-life voices that best suits your video presentation and social content.

Speech to Text: Speak naturally and generate a text document instantly. Convert your audio files into a text piece or transcript document in real-time. Ideal for generating technical documents with accuracy.

Vocal Enhancer: Enhance the audio quality of recordings and live speech. With the removal of external noises, the audio is improvised in a deliverable format.

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