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Crafting a Cohesive Visual Identity with Text-to-Image Generators

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Jun 7, 2024 ||9 days ago

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Defining Visual Elements
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Generative AI images have been causing quite a buzz for about one and a half years or so. If you have ever scrolled through your social media feed, watched the news at night, or read a magazine, you have come across AI images. They're ubiquitous, and it's no surprise why: whereas the tools needed to develop them are highly efficient and available to the general public. Whether you are interested in following this trend and want to implement AI in your business or you want to add some AI capabilities to your business processes, the applications described in this list will suit you.

Today, the visual identity of your brand can make or break it, which is why it is more important than ever to get it right. Introducing text to image generators – new-gen tools that are changing the very concept of branding.

These powerful applications can convert textual descriptions into beautiful content and it will help the business firms to build up a strong and uniform brand image. Regardless of whether you are a small business that wants to make a splash on the market right from the start, or a large company that wants to update its visual image, using AI image generators can be the creative kick you need.

Understanding Your Brand Identity

To get the most out of text to image generators, you need to understand your brand as well as possible and be aware of all its aspects. It is a critical step that will guarantee that all the visuals developed will be in harmony with your brand’s identity.

 Brand Values: 

  •  What values and attitudes your brand is based on? 
  •  These values should represent the spirit of your business and should be the compass that will lead you and your business.  

 Target Audience: 

  • To whom are your products or services targeted? 
  • Your audience’s age, gender, interests, and pain points are critical factors that need to be considered when designing a strong visual image. 

 Brand Personality: 

  •  What are the attributes of your brand? 
  •  Is it fun, elegant, creative, or reliable? 
  •  This personality should be reflected in all graphics and wordage used in the publication. 

 Mission and Vision: 

  • Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years, and what is the function of your brand? 
  • Your mission and vision statements are your compass and a check and balance system in your branding initiatives. 

Defining Visual Elements

Your visual identity is a set of logos, colors, typefaces, pictures, graphics, and other graphic design elements. All these elements should be harmonized in all the brand’s collateral to achieve a cohesive and integrated appearance. Here’s how a**** text to image generator can assist: Here’s how text-to-image generators can assist:


  • Start with the creation of several logo ideas based on the text prompts that define your brand’s values. 
  • Further develop these designs to meet the personality of your brand, thus making the logos distinct and brand-specific. 

 Color Schemes: 

  • Use text to imagegenerator to obtain color schemes that are in line with your brand and audience. 
  •  Explain the kind of feelings that you want to portray and let the generator come up with the kind of images that will create such feelings. 


  • Include descriptions of the brand’s personality (e.g., modern, classic, playful) to get the recommended fonts. 
  • This can be useful in choosing typography that will fit and support the visual image that you have in mind for your brand. 

 Creating Consistent Imagery 

 This is because imagery is a crucial component of the visual communication of any brand that is in the market. Text-to-image generators can also generate images that are in compliance with your company’s image and can assist you in meeting your marketing objectives. Here’s how:

 Brand-Specific Imagery: 

 The input descriptions should be in harmony with the brand’s themes, style, and tone.

 For instance, if your brand is green, then you should develop pictures of nature, conservation, and all that is green including the products and services you are offering.

 Social Media Graphics: 

  •  Develop a set of pictures that can easily be associated with your brand for use in the social media platform. 
  • Ensure that these images conform to the general image policy of your brand and are easily identifiable regardless of the media. 

 Website Imagery: 

  • Make professional banners, backgrounds, and icons in accordance with the general layout of your website. 
  •  Make sure that all the components are stylistically similar to maintain the branding and to make sure the users have a smooth experience.


Specifically, for those who aim to achieve the maximum result using AI in branding, Kreaitor is indeed a perfect fit. With Kreaitor’s text to image tool, you do not have to worry about designing your images from the ground up as you can simply type in the text that you want on your image and the tool will generate images that are in line with your brand. If a business needs logos, color schemes, typefaces, or images for a website or social media account, Kreaitor provides the tools needed to implement the vision of a brand.

Come to Kreaitor today and enhance your brand’s looks with the use of the latest AI technologies. Your brand deserves better and with Kreaitor, you can easily create a solid and visually impressive brand image.

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