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Do You Need Coding Skills to Build an AI Chatbot

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Apr 26, 2024 ||1 month ago

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Since the development of online stores and applications multiplied, the deployment of chatbots on digital platforms also increased. During online shopping, bill payments, raising a query, etc. we all have come across chatbots popping up like a bubble and ready to help any time. Chatbots are generally attractive-looking animated bots with a unique name and all-hour online assistance ability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated with conventional chatbots upgraded the capabilities of AI chatbots to interact better with customers. With AI, the chatbots can be trained and managed well by customization of bot features and characteristics. This personalization transforms AI chatbots close to live human assistants and that's how customers feel connected to the smart bots of today.

So what are the technicalities involved in creating an AI chatbot? Is there a pre-defined code to build an AI chatbot?

Natural language processing in AI has eliminated the need for a coding expert to create a chatbot. Business owners can generate a custom chatbot with pre-defined capabilities that will make the bot a great automatic device that responds like humans, offers timely support to customers online, and enhances their experience of visiting a particular website/application.

Basics while setting up an AI chatbot without a coding language:

  • Choose the correct platform to build an AI chatbot

  • After shortlisting the provider, create an account with login credentials

  • Start with building the chatbot, and decide on a unique name and description. Give it a personality.

  • Train your chatbot with existing data. Upload files and documents to feed the chatbot with important information that will form a base to create a flow of answers to the customers.

  • Customize the chatbot data with your brand-related phrases and responses that take away the robotic answering effect and keep it very human while communicating with customers.

  • Test the chatbot for accuracy and once all features run without errors, the deployment can be done on the website. Integrating a chatbot into a website or app also follows a short process; however, it varies from one platform to the other. Users will be guided for integration once the chatbot is created.

KreaitorAI Custom Chatbot Builder for Website and Telegram App

Along with a set of competent AI tools for content creation, KreaitorAI is also well-versed with the expertise of generating custom chatbots for official websites and Telegram. Depending upon the business type, users can deploy the newly created, personalized chatbot for general assistance, query management, and all-hour virtual support.

Users can create more chatbots for the website, from an exclusive dashboard. The platform saves chatbot history so you can access, save, and edit specific chatbot features.

KAI is the custom bot at KreaitorAI. It is an AI chatbot available to assist users to seamlessly use the AI tools and features on the platform.

You can ask KAI anything to begin your experience of creating an AI chatbot at KreaitorAI.

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