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How Can AI Chatbots Help E-commerce Websites?

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Apr 23, 2024 ||1 month ago

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An e-commerce website in simple words is an online store with hundreds and thousands of products showcased for sale. Like a real marketplace, even e-commerce stores have a daily population of different types of customers - a fixed buyer, a window shopper, a confused one, a SALE freak, a loyal one, and more! Can you handle their questions and queries any time of the day? It is practically not possible for a human to be present 24x7 online to provide customer assistance and support. That’s when ‘Chatbots help with interactions on e-commerce platforms. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the chatbot feature has enhanced the capabilities of virtual assistants to sustain user engagements and provide them with correct solutions just in time.

Let's see how AI chatbots are better than conventional chatbots:

Conventional Chatbot

  • Rule-based chatbot functions on a predetermined set of guidelines and scripts.

  • Responses are fixed and often restricted to textual format.

  • It appears entirely to be a robotic, machine-generated response and often repeats the question when a complex query is raised beyond the pre-defined script.

  • Traditional bots are not created dynamically to tap customer behavioral patterns.

AI Chatbot

  • AI chatbots rely on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning procedures to strike a conversation.

  • Responses are given via text, speech, or voice interfaces such as a messaging app.

  • AI chatbots give personalized and unique responses that appear more like human interaction.

  • AI bots collect customer insights and data to devise marketing strategies.

E-commerce Conversational Process of a Chatbot

Nowadays, upgrading to an AI chatbot is critical to the success of an e-commerce website. A dynamic, well-trained AI chatbot is a perfect assistant to help the customer throughout their purchase journey. Whether it is welcoming the customer on the e-commerce platform, sharing updates about new products, and discounts, or recording reviews, complaints, and feedback, an AI chatbot is well-versed to take up the customer engagement task and offer a complete user experience.

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The KreaitorAI Bot Builder

At the KreaitorAI platform, you can create a personalized chatbot for your business on the official website and also for the Telegram app. The personalized chatbot can be assigned for general customer support, all-hour virtual assistance or to answer specific FAQs for a product/service. It is also a great fit for e-commerce virtual assistance as it can be trained well to support customers with the latest on-going on the website.

Take a Tour to the KreaitorAI Chatbot Dashboard

Consider an AI chatbot as an e-commerce store's 24/7 concierge. It is a stress-free feature for e-commerce entrepreneurs that ensures customers will be guided well and not feel lost on the website. The bot can provide clickable prompts or a virtual guided tour of the UI to assist users with the initial setup or account creation procedure. It is always wise to deploy a smart virtual assistant and not abandon the customer in frustration. Online platforms are quick selling spaces, chatbots guiding the customer correctly to their purchase goal will build credibility and drive customers to keep coming back for online shopping.

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