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How can AI Help with Daily Blogging?

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Apr 23, 2024 ||1 month ago

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A machine generating blogs in seconds sounds quite exciting but will the quality of content be even without the human touch? When it is about creating daily blogs, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) seems relevant as it can assist humans in accelerating the content generation process with some fresh ideas. The balance of AI combined with human efforts can considerably help to generate high quality blogs on a daily basis. The use of automated AI tools can help writers in suggesting ideas for research topics, blog topics, rephrasing content and also writing the entire blog with generative technology.

Wondering why should companies indulge in daily blogging? 

Blogs that carry 100% unique content are capable of deriving organic traffic to their website. Companies can leverage AI to scale content production and create blogs at a faster pace.

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Daily Blogging with AI: 

  1. Use AI prompts to generate blog topics and ideas. Do not use AI to generate the complete blog from start to end.

  2. Check facts in the AI-generated output. Human review and editing are a must to create original blog content. Do not just copy and paste the AI content as generated. It might not always be functional and relevant to the given context.

  3. It is best to use AI to generate short-form content using keywords such as blog titles, quotes, taglines, etc. Creating long-form content with AI can reduce content uniqueness, leading to plagiarism.

  4. Being a responsible blogger, follow ethical web practices while generating AI content. Do not use AI to search for controversial topics and refrain from generating sensitive content that is not in the interest of the online community.

  5. While extracting information from AI tools, maintain a consistent flow of your blog. Do not add bits and pieces of information from AI. It can make the blog inconsistent and the write-up can lose its relevance.

How can I complete my daily blogging assignment with an AI Tool?

Approaching your daily blogging work with AI will definitely save a good number of hours spent in brainstorming, content research, analysis, editing, reviewing, and grammar checking.

 This is how you can start with creating a daily blog using AI.

  • Start with getting a blog topic idea and outline: The ‘Prompt to Content’ feature helps writers to create content ideas in different conversational tones and lengths. You can add keywords or thoughts in sentences to generate a relevant output. This can be used to weave to a topic or an outline of the blog. Try different conversational tones and text lengths to build a good plot for your blog.

  • Understand Difficult Words and Concepts in a Snap: Use ‘Explain Like I’m 5’ when you are stuck at understanding difficult concepts, jargons and technical words. This feature will simplify the formal words in a casual language and accordingly you can elaborate on the same in your blog.

  • Text Summarizer: It can be a very useful AI tool for writers and bloggers. You can summarize or paraphrase the existing content to create sensible paragraphs and bulleted points in the blog.

  • Run Through a Grammar Check: Once the draft of your blog is ready, use the Grammar Checker to inspect grammatical errors and improvise sentence structures. This feature ensures the quality of your blog is retained and there is no scope of any silly textual errors.

  • Chat with Docs: Using a complex reference document while creating a blog; upload your pdf and chat with the bot to get quick answers related to your document. The simplified information can be further used in the blog.

Finally, with the support of these new-age AI blog writing tools, the writer’s journey has been simplified drastically. Though AI is not fit for writing a full-size blog, the ideas, suggestions, and rectifications help bloggers to break the monotony of usual thoughts and eventually develop blogs in less time daily.

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