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How to Use a Vocal Enhancer?

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May 28, 2024 ||18 days ago

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Just like there are image editors to improvise the image quality in a stunning output, likewise the AI technology brings ‘Vocal Enhancer’ a magic tool to improve voice recordings, eliminating external noise and distractions. The audio recorders will not require a professional editor to make the sound rich, any creator using the vocal enhancer tool at KreaitorAI can polish their audios, giving a studio quality touch. The effect of vocal enhancer enriches the audio files, making every word crisp and clear. Remove imperfections in the quality of any voice audio with the AI vocal enhancer tool at the KreaitorAI platform.

How Should Creators and Audio Recorders Use the Vocal Enhancer?

Creators can follow few simple steps to use the vocal enhancer tool in few clicks using the ‘Vocal Enhancer’ prompt on the KreaitorAI platform:

  1. Visit the website and click on the ‘Vocal Enhancer’ tab on the left.

  2. Select the level of noise reduction from the options - Low, Mild or High

  3. Upload the audio file to be enhanced or drag and drop the file in the given box.

  4. Once the selected audio file is uploaded, click on ‘Generate’.

  5. The enhanced audio version will get generated in seconds. Users can play and check the clarity of audio. Later, as per the use of recorders, the vocally enhanced voice can be deleted, downloaded or regenerated using a vocal enhancer at KreaitorAI.

Features of KreaitorAI Vocal Enhancer

Here are some striking features of the Vocal Enhancer tool that makes it an effective ai tool for business:

Customization: Flexibility in customizing the level of noise reduction in the audios. Select from - Low, Mild or High.

Easy Upload: Keep ready the audio file to be enhanced and click on ‘Select File’ to upload or simply drag and drop the audio in the box. The size of the audio file should not exceed 100MB.

Quick Generation: The uploaded audio file can be enhanced into a rich audio without imperfections, in seconds as soon as users click on ‘Generate’. The new audio version can be deleted in case regeneration is required or downloaded from the vocal enhancer tool itself.

Who can Use the Vocal Enhancer?

While a Vocal Enhancer is open for all, there can be marketing, branding, social media and entertainment companies/groups/individuals for whom the tool can be particularly beneficial. The vocal enhancer tool can be of great use for professionals who generate revenue from podcasts, reels, short movies, videos, documentaries and more! A vocal enhancer can work wonders for such dynamic content by generating a high quality audio free of chaotic sounds in the background.

Overall, the KreaitorAI vocal enhancer is a user-friendly AI tool that simplifies the complicated task of streamlining raw audios into rich sounds, ideal for use in the larger digital space.

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