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How to Use an Email Generator?

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May 30, 2024 ||17 days ago

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Information conveyed through emails is a perfect reflection of professionalism and an indication of authenticity. Email is an economical and practical means of online communication for businesses to stay connected beyond geographical boundaries. It is a useful tool to transmit confidential infor

This tutorial will help users understand the features and functions of the KreaitorAI Email Generator, its use cases, and its overall benefits.mation, enhance privacy, and retain user integrity.

Using the KreaitorAI Email Generator, creators can draft clear and concise messages in seconds. The time invested in drafting emails from scratch can now be diverted to completing other important tasks as email generation can be taken care of by the real-time email generator tool. To make the email more interesting and pertinent to your recipient, you can change the text and modify the tone to add a personal touch.

How Do I Use the Email Generator? 

Here, we have divided the process into simple steps to access the Email generator tool:

  1. Access the Tool: Visit the KreaitorAI platform and navigate to the Email Generator section on the Home page, in the left section.

  2. Make a Selection: Open the Email Generator and select an option under ' What do you want to do?' - Whether you want to shorten, expand, improve or rephrase the email, make a selection accordingly.

  3. Set the Tone: Set the conversational tone of the email - business, formal, casual or convincing.

  4. Enter the Text: Come down to the text box and enter the email text to be rewritten. The email generator tool allows a maximum of 6000 words.

  5. Generate Email: Once all the fields are set, check if you want to change the language and select the total number of drafts up to 10. Click on 'Generate Email' to get the email options on the right side.

The more detailed and specific the text input is, the more accurate email will be generated in no time.

Customization According to the Word count and Word Limit for the Email

Maintaining conciseness and clarity while sending emails is crucial. Emails can convey messages in brief utilizing the appropriate amount of words. Let's learn how to modify emails to match word counts and improve readability using our email generator:

1. Improve: Make the email text better by ensuring the ideas are coherent, the language is impactful, and the message is made clear enough for the recipient to understand.

2. Shorten: To keep readers interested and focused on the main points, reduce the amount of text in the email to convey clear and to-the-point messages.

3. Expand: Provide more information or clarifications to enhance the reader's comprehension and provide in-depth perspectives on the subject matter. Focus on key points of the topic within the email.

4. Rephrase: To increase readability and efficacy, reword sentences or phrases to better communicate the message as a whole, improve flow, and remove ambiguity.

Customization According to Conversational Tone 

The KreaitorAI platform provides four customization options: Casual, Formal, Business, and Convincing, to assist you in communicating in an appropriate tone. Make your choice to fit the messaging tone as per your situation, guaranteeing that your audience will effectively connect with the email message. Let's explore each one in detail:

1. Casual: If you are willing to write emails to your friends and family for some get-together or for inviting them to some function. This would be a good option to select.

2. Formal: This conversation tone counts for professionalism and official emails. Our email generator can smartly tweak or create the content, keeping the language direct, to the point, and formal.

3. Business:  Other than information communication mail, this choice of tone may help in creating outputs for email marketing. This digital promotion technique is implemented by most of the companies nowadays. One can get help from our email generator for both purposes.

4. Convincing: Employ this tone to influence listeners to act or reconsider. Whether pitching concepts, promoting causes, announcing offers or successfully closing deals, it uses forceful language and persuasive arguments to grab attention and achieve desired results.

Understanding the Distinction: Rewriting V/s Generating Emails

1. Rewriting Emails: Rewriting is the process of editing an email to improve its content, tone, or format.  In this method, we aspire to make changes in a previously written mail with the help of such tools. It is specifically beneficial in allocating better subjects to the email, increasing or decreasing length, or adjusting the tone.

2. Generating Emails: Creating emails, on the other hand, requires starting from scratch and using automated tools or templates such as the Email Generator to generate the draft. This method simplifies the email composition by using preset templates, suggested content, or modifiable components. Emails that are generated automatically are especially helpful for repetitive tasks, high-volume outreach, and projecting a professional image.

In conclusion, due to the effectiveness and efficiency, KreaitorAI Email Generator is a helpful tool that can be used to maximize email correspondence. Through the careful balancing act of utilizing AI capabilities while retaining human oversight, people and organizations can fully utilize these AI tools for business to streamline digital communication over time.

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