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How to Use the Text to Image Prompt?

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May 31, 2024 ||16 days ago

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KreaitorAI text to image prompt is an easy way out to generate high quality graphics, creative images, realistic photos and an assortment of digital pictures just by entering a descriptive text prompt. Creators can explore the tool and experiment with their creative thoughts and ideas in the text box and letting the text-to-image generation prompt work like magic, giving out an exquisite image result that has never been seen before.

Image generation is just a part of the text to image prompt. The KreaitorAI image generation tool is a vast one. It is built with a series of variations to edit, refine and polish the image with prompt to edit options. Edit the newly generated images using the advanced AI features and explore the repository of artworks made by fellow creators.

Steps to Use the Text to Image Tool:

Here are some simple steps to follow to generate stunning images with text prompts:

  1. Visit the website and locate the ‘Text to Image’ tab on the left.

  2. In the ‘Type Here’ box, enter the exact text prompt you want to show in the image. Be as descriptive and specific as possible in your words.

  3. To test how the tool works, you may initially click on ‘Generate Prompt’ within the box. This will automatically generate text prompts wherein you can view some sample images.

  4. Once the text prompt is entered, next you can select the ‘Image Style’ to be generated. Make a selection from - Traditional Art, Digital Art, Illustrative Art and Artistic Genres or None can be selected.

  5. These individual image styles also have sub categories that creators can select to give a more precise appearance to the generated images. For instance, you can select Digital Art > Realistic 3D or Artistic Genres > Fantasy Mode etc.

  6. Under ‘Negative Prompt’ Enter words to exclude in the generated images. Excluding certain words/descriptions in the final image result such as blurry, pixelated, watermark, error etc. will improve the image result, retaining the quality of the image free from pixels, watermark and errors.

  7. Once a new image is generated, you can apply some constructive image editing effects via the ‘Prompt to Edit’ feature. With many filters, presets, effects, text and crop features, you can seamlessly edit and refine your AI-generated images.

  8. The images generated via the Text to Image feature will appear in the repository of artworks that can be viewed within the Image Generator as an artwork portfolio. It will showcase a range of stunning AI-generated images that can be edited further and used on social media, presentations, posters, and ads.

Features of KreaitorAI Text to Image Generator

Here are some striking features of the Text to Image tool that makes it an effective ai tool for business:

  • Enter text prompts up to 200 words
  • Select image styles and modes based on the type of image to be generated
  • Use the negative prompt to maintain the clarity of images from being blurred, pixelated etc.
  • Download the generated image or Click ‘Edit’ to refine the new image.
  • Preview the already generated images under ‘Artworks’
  • Like or Dislike the artwork images
  • Explore a number of artwork images available on multiple pages

Who can Use the Text to Image Generator?

While a text to image prompt is open for all, there can be marketing and branding companies/individuals for whom the tool can be particularly beneficial:

Graphic Designers: Creating images from scratch is an intense process and involves a dedicated number of hours. Whereas, graphic designers can enter a text prompt to generate a specific image that fits the branding requirement of a poster, brochure, digital ads etc.

Web Designers: Generate images for website banners, different web pages and other creative sections of the websites.

Bloggers: Content creators and bloggers can use AI image generators to create relevant blog images and increase the visual appeal of the blogs.

Social Media Marketers: Individuals and companies active on social media can generate attractive images to include in their daily posts. Adding a good image generates responsiveness and increases traffic.

Corporate Employees: People from the corporate world can take the help of text to image generators to create images for presentations, infographics and reports.

Overall, the KreaitorAI text to image prompt is an incredible AI tool for the creators. It has a wide scope to express your creative thoughts in words and turn into real images that fit well in the picture you perceive.

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