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Is Machine Learning a Type of Artificial Intelligence and How Does it Help Businesses?

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Apr 25, 2024 ||1 month ago

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The way daily feeds appear on social media or how OTT channels provide movie suggestions, the mechanism that runs behind such functionalities is nothing but ‘machine learning’. It is an integral part of artificial intelligence (AI) with loads of potential to streamline complex tasks just the way humans do. Machine learning algorithms enhance the capabilities of machines to perform tasks like intelligent humans. It is less of being mechanically programmed and more of learning from data models,  past experiences and predictions to give responses close to humans. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning that trains computers to closely match natural human behavior.

Machine Learning is categorized into four types of learnings:

  1. Supervised Machine Learning: Machines are trained using fixed datasets and provide output based on the training parameters. Classification and Regression are two phases of supervised ML. The output is classified in yes or no kind of answers whereas regression presents accurate variables such as size, location, weather etc.

  2. Unsupervised Machine Learning: Here, the machine is trained without any fixed dataset. The output is predicted without any supervision. It is grouping the objects based on points of differentiation such as similarities or differences or deciding the output based on associations between variables of datasets.

  3. Semi-Supervised Machine Learning: This technique is a balance of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Self-training, co-training and graph based learning form a part of semi-supervised learning.

  4. Reinforcement Learning: The process of reinforcement learning is feedback-driven and highly recommended for decision based outputs. For instance, an AI agent playing a game of Ludo or Chess online and giving a reward based feedback after interacting with the surroundings.

The Value of Machine Learning in Popular Industries

Deriving real-time data efficiently is possible with machine learning and it is best utilized in industries handling large amount of data on a daily basis:

Financial Companies: Apply the ML advantage to gain valuable insights, investment opportunities and tackle fraudulent activities from the vast data available.

Social Media: The successful functioning of various social media platforms is dependent on machine learning, managing billions of user engagement, news feeds, targeted ads etc. on a daily basis.

Healthcare: ML has enabled health assessment in real time with wearable trackers and fitness devices giving patients health insights on the spot. A patient’s lifecycle and treatment phases can be tracked conveniently through ML infused healthcare devices.

Retail: Retailers feel empowered with ML techniques that help to capture and analyze customer data on a large scale. Accordingly, improvements can be made to personalize the shopping experience with better pricing and planning to promote the products.

Travel: Major players in the travel industry such as Ola and Uber are functional on a robust ML mechanism. The predictive model gives a clear picture of the nearby available vehicles, the traffic patterns, pricing structure and user reviews per ride.

Overall, machine learning enables computers to learn, remember, and produce accurate results. It has made it possible for businesses to take well-informed decisions, which are essential for optimizing their operations. These data-driven choices assist businesses in a variety of sectors in streamlining their present processes and looking for innovative ways to reduce their overall workload.

The foundation of KreaitorAI business offerings is built around artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. These are self-engineered AI tools with machine learning capabilities to predict and generate highly relevant results based on the given inputs. Creators can utilize these AI tools for daily content creation and a range of marketing activities.

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