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Leveraging AI Graphic Design with Human Creativity

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May 21, 2024 ||26 days ago

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The craft of ‘graphic design’ has blossomed with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier, the art of creating graphics entirely relied on human creativity and realms of imagination. The dynamic synergy has created a spark between human ingenuity and multifaceted technological advancements. AI has detangled the process of graphic design by identifying and analyzing massive design data to help designers in lifting up their creative quotient.

Monotonous tasks such as cropping images, resizing images and removing backgrounds are all automated now, Thanks to AI for liberating the designers to focus on more critical designing aspects.

Has AI Replaced Human Designers?

Not as yet! It is a collaboration between the human brain and AI capabilities bringing freshness in the graphic design arena. Whether it is a logo design, web poster or any promotional graphic, the designers of today can ask AI for design suggestions, new layouts, fonts, filters, effects and more!

Designers can also ask AI to generate valuable data listing down customer preferences and market trends, accordingly the graphic designs can be crafted for a higher engagement level.

For instance, if a coffee brand launches a new coffee chocolate bar in the market, the graphic design elements of the new product will be in sync with the original coffee brand so that the brand recall and recognition is retained in the package design. That’s how AI can help designers access important customer data and build design variations that bring consistency in graphics throughout the campaign.

How Adaptable is AI with Graphic Design?

The application of AI with graphic design is quite adaptable as designers can churn out graphic designs automatically or seek AI ideas to make their manual designing process even better. AI being a generative technology is user-friendly, has a wide scope of exploration and allows personalization of design elements.

The Speech-to-Text AI feature is even more adaptable for generating quick design ideas. The graphic designers need not scribble ideas on paper, instead speak out loud about your design concept, using the Speech to Text technology.

Top 3 AI Graphic Designs Tools

In the state of mental stagnation when no fresh ideas are flowing, it is best to get inspired by some professional AI graphic design tools:

  1. DreamStudio: Ideal to generate realistic photos and artwork for any purpose. The tool saves the creation history, offers flexible design workspace, allows adjustments with image resolution and API integration. 

  2. Midjourney: One of the trending AI image generators that turns text prompts into impressive visuals. High quality images are created in maximum size with zooming out and repositioning options. Flexible themes and artistic styles elevate picture generation to a new level.

  3. An outstanding AI toolkit for designers and artists. It is the right selection for a personalized design journey that allows - logo designing, branding, video production, advertisement design and more! Designers can unleash their creativity in this space with an extensive AI toolkit and an assortment of fonts, colors and graphics.

Finally, we all will agree that a machine alone without any human inputs cannot sustain for long. The confluence of a human mind with AI capabilities can generate an effective output. When it comes to graphic design, AI cannot exactly represent the emotional context, intuition, experiences and sensitivity to culture. Hence, human creativity will always be a driving factor in generating graphic designs or web designs with AI powered tools.

KreaitorAI Text-to-Image for Graphic Design

Designers, artists and visualizers can send text prompts and generate high quality, unique images. These AI generated images can be edited using a variety of smart image edit options from the KreaitorAI platform. The final graphic output can be best used for posters, website images, blog images, social media ads and more! 

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